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job: actress/content creator/producer
home: venice, california
how did you discover spool: I discovered Spool through meeting the wonderful founder – Gina. We connected over social media, then met in person at an event. I have always been a fan of Spool’s Instagram page and I drool over every look they put together, so I had to visit the magical place!
your favorite brands from spool: xirena, ulla johnson, mother, and clare v.
spool: since 2016


tell us a little about your blog: My blog is truly an extension of me and my personality. I exist in a few worlds creatively (the millennial fashion world through Nylon and the mama world through my two boys) and with my blog I try to blend both together. I talk about fashion, style, beauty and lifestyle under the veil of #momlife and all with a sense of humour..because this stuff ain’t easy, right?!
if you could like anywhere in the world, where would it be: Portugal or Rome
you like movies, share some of your favorites: I’m a huge movie buff (and film school grad) so movies are everything to me! 1) Far and Away (c’mon original Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise), 2) Pretty Woman and 3) The Graduate (Dustin Hoffman is everything)
you have the best accessories. can you share some of you favorite, local jewelry artists: Aww thank you! I do love a good pair of dangly earrings or layered rings! I love Dante Perozzi, Starling, Anthropologie and Soucie Tassels.